Unchurch now
... start to live again!

Unchurch now
... start to live again!

Unchurch-now is a worldwide inner movement that aspires and supports a liberated humanity.

Unchurch-now is a worldwide inner movement that aspires and supports a liberated humanity.

Our motivation

Church and institutionalized religions have not accomplished to bring mankind as a whole closer to God, but have utilized God to exert power and fear on men. This power, however, is not a true but false power built on punishment and fear. But only love is real power.

This emotion of separation creates suffering and pain and limits the individual and spiritual development of man. There is nothing to heal the world faster than giving man his own identity, dignity and unity with God and life.

This is not about creating enemy images, but about enlightenment, which leads to an expansion of consciousness.

We cordially invite you to take this journey of liberation and renewal.

The matrix



The Matrix I describe is a well thought out and organized structure surrounding people and suggesting something that is far from reality. It is built on lies, manipulation, fear, guilt, power and dependency. The matrix can be found everywhere. It is present wherever you are inserted into a functional system to perform without asking questions. It is an artificial construct with its own rules.

Once caught in the matrix, one is imposed from outside (self-determined) and remotely controlled. The matrix also serves as distraction from one's own strength and greatness.

For this artificial system to function it needs "children", that means adults who are yet to mature. While an “adult” is still in a mythological awareness and believes in heroes, gods and saviors, he is a suitable object to be controlled by the matrix. For example, the belief to need a mediator between God and man does not correspond to reality. It was inoculated by the ecclesiastical elite. There is no unbridgeable gap between us and GOD.

The Matrix is ultimately a "children's world", in which one's own powers are given to the agents of the Matrix, which can be priests, magistrates and dignitaries, politicians and so-called experts.

On the lowest level of the Matrix, there is you with your soul. She yearns for freedom, but often she is like a prisoner sitting with trimmed wings in a golden cage. Your infinite soul power is skillfully manipulated. You mean you are free, but often you have no real control over yourself.

On the second level are the "agents" of the Matrix, as I like to call them. These are officials, magistrates, politicians, priests, guru's, etc. These people are not "evil". Mostly not. They are just marionettes and do not really know what they are doing.

On the third level are the systems and organizations like churches, media, finance economy, government, military, pharmaceutical and food industry, education and new age. These systems are fed by the energy you give them more or less voluntarily.

But your soul knows exactly what she is doing. The bright experiences she can make on Earth outweighs far the dark side of manipulation. Your soul knows she is part of the “big game”.

And we are now in the process of looking through this game and taking its pervasive force.


Do you need assistance with your exit from the church matrix?

Have you already renounced membership from the church, but still feel energetic dependencies that prevent you from living your life to the fullest? Are you curious and want to know what life really means?

If you listen to your heart, you know that you have everything in yourself to live a healthy and happy life. You are free. Freedom means to take full responsibility for yourself.


  • Take your life back into your own hands
  • You do not need any intermediary between you and God
  • Even outside of the Church you are carried by God
  • Do not give energy to the fear-based, manipulative power of the Church
  • Do not allow to be crucified any longer
  • Liberate yourself from the energetic connections that keep you dependent
  • Do not let your spiritual path of development be hindered by the oppressive power of the Church
  • Live, enjoy and celebrate your LIFE

Life means that you are of pure sound, be in harmony with yourself, give space to love, fulfillment, be present with your whole being, opening your heart and therefore be an inspiration for others.

At Unchurch-now it is not just about abandoning the Church and its influences. It's about much, much more. We rid ourselves of manipulative structures and we want to inspire. Not by going out into the street, but by living what life really means. It is about to re-find the all-unity again.

How can you free yourself?


Wake up and expose the system. Do not allow it anymore to take energy from you and it will lose power and you are no longer a game figure in it. Do not nurture this ecclesiastical matrix with your emotions of fear, subservience, guilt or indignation. As long as you are grieving about the system, you are still giving your attention and your energy. Let go and go on.

If you find strength in your own heart, you are not dependent on support from outside. Take the power back to you. Give yourself back to yourself. Stand dignified and upright in life. Do not be afraid to be too big. Be a master of your life. Create your own rules, following the golden rule: what you expect from others, also do to them.

Of course it is also useful to leave the church and to free yourself from the remaining dependencies and manipulations with energetic healing methods. In this online course I show simple ways that have helped thousands of people.

About me

I was born 1969 in Switzerland. I have been a monk for ten years and was a Catholic priest for eight years. I left the ministry in 2008. Two years later I left the Church.

My childhood was influenced by a Catholic education. Around the age of 19, I decided to seek peace in God, because the material world was no longer enough for me. I wanted to renounce the world and let myself be completely absorbed in the love of God ... I went to the monastery and became a monk. There I practiced in poverty, chastity, obedience, humility and asceticism. In deep meditations, I felt this living God within me, and intimately explored the knowledge of Christian mysticism. A new world opened to me.

When I was ordained a priest, I was pulled out of this inner silence into the world. I left the monastery and supervised a small community in Central Italy. There I had more time to focus on myself and I began to open my mind. At the same time I was confronted with terrestrial matters. And that was fine. But I began to ask questions. I asked my priest-colleagues and my bishop critical questions, I tried to provoke to understand the truth better. My childish faith had developed into an matured faith, which was no longer satisfied with standardized answers. The gap between me and the Church grew bigger.

At the same time I wanted to help the people entrusted to me. Not only spiritually, but also of a holistic nature. Therefore I started to train myself as a yoga teacher and body therapist.

One day, my bishop made me make a decision and told me that I was either a priest or a therapist, but both together would not be possible. I decided without hesitation: therapist.

Who was I when I was at the age of 19 during my conversion? A lover.
Who was I in the monastery? A sufferer.
Who was I as a priest? A searcher.
Who am I now? A freed one.

I do not regret anything I have experienced. I went through processes. I was able to grow and gain experiences. It was a wonderful time. But now I was permitted to take one step further.

"There is nothing more magnificent in all the world that you can do than to give people back to themselves. It is a step-like process, which I was allowed to learn during these years. And I also realized that it is my purpose to help others going through this process."

It is my concern to accompany people on their way of liberation. I know how the Church manipulates using power, fear and guilt to keep people small and dependent. It is time to let go and break new ground.

Ways of self-empowerment and self-responsibility.

There is no need for intermediaries, no gurus, no experts. Take your life back into your own hands.

The next step

A first step is to leave the church you are a member of. It's like setting an example. But this is not enough yet. A much more important step is the liberation from the energetic dependencies and entanglements resulting from vows and sacraments. Not only from those whom you have received during this life, but also from those whom may you ever have received in all your incarnations.

In the following online course we get rid of religious systems that works with power and dependence. In the light of the awakening consciousness such structures are no longer necessary.



Online Course

Free your soul!

Free your soul from ecclesiastical entanglements!

The sacraments are manipulations that bind your soul to the church.
On the path of self-empowerment, you will liberate yourself.


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As an ex-priest of the Catholic Church and as a sensitive coach and therapist, I have gained a deep understanding of the energetic manipulations of the church.

I will show you how the sacraments can work on an energetic, mental, and emotional level and how they can negatively affect and block you.

  • The sacrament of Baptism is the first act of a magical initiation. It is the gateway to the Church's network. It puts a mark on your soul and therefore works in all your incarnations!
  • The sacrament of Confirmation is the second act of a magical initiation. It ordains you to be a warrior of Christ. It also puts a mark on your soul with comprehensive effects on all your incarnations!
  • The sacrament of Confession is the sacrament that holds you bound to emotions of inferiority and guilt. The network of the Church is built on these energies!
  • The sacrament of the Communion symbolizes the eating of divine flesh and therefore is cannibalistic and nurtures with blood by magic energy!
  • The sacrament of Marriage is the sacrament that controls your intimate life!
  • The sacrament of Consecration is the third stage of a magical initiation.It puts a mark on your soul and therefore has an influence on all your incarnations!
  • Through the sacrament Anointing of the Sick, the Church makes sure that you remain part of the Church in the next life. Caught in the network of the matrix!

It is not enough to simply leave the Church because you remain invisible, energetically connected and therefore dependent and manipulable.

"Observing my own energy field, I have noticed how strong the energetic connections with the church are and how much energy of life is freed when one releases him- or herself."

If you want to develop spiritually and holistically, get out of tangle, get out of the bound. This course is a significant step.

But it is important to understand that this is not a question of building enemy images or victim perpetrator relations. In a holistic view, the church is not the evil one, and you are the poor victim. You need to understand that you have agreed to everything at soul level.

During many incarnations into the depth of the physical world (into the realm of the duality), you have made contracts with yourself, with other people, beings, institutions, religions, to make valuable experiences of a limited life.

Additional to these contracts manipulations, implants, anchors and blockades were installed, which can interfere with your health and emotional or spiritual development.

But now is the time of return and ascension for all beings of the universe to our divine origin and everything else may be let go thankfully!



Energetic dependencies

How do you know if you are still manipulated? What are the signs of dependency?

  • Watch your life: Does your life not go as you wish? Are you on autopilot? Are you in control of your life?
  • Watch your thoughts: Do you think your life is painstaking, you are not good enough or that you have to achieve love and attention?
  • Watch your feelings: Do you sometimes feel inferior and small, unworthy and guilty? Can you think, feel, and express the most sublime thoughts and feelings about yourself?
  • Are you holding on to your suffering? You see a divine will in your pain and you cannot let go?
  • Is it hard for you to leave the church? You are plagued by your guilty feelings whether you have done something right or wrong...?
  • You feel that it is time to let go and go your own way! Ways of self-empowerment and self-responsibility.

Wake up –recognize the system - get out!



You get:

  • The course as a PDF-file sent.

In addition you get as a bonus:

  • The possibility to meditate with us once a month. We connect with you from a distance at a fixed time and form a powerful field in which relief, liberation and energetic elevation occur.


Buy this course in your own currency at:

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37.00 EUR

I am glad to accompany you on your way!

In love and gratitude

Kurt Meier


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